Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Who Was Abel's Wife? - Q&A

Who was Abel's wife?

At the beginning there was only Adam and Eve. They had two sons and Cain killed Abel. How did Cain find another woman to marry, if there were only Adam and Eve at the beginning? How is this possible? Where did the second woman come from? (Question from Marian Koroschetz)

Thanks to Marian for her challenging question. There are a couple of options that come to mind, when we think about the beginnings of Genesis. So here we go: Who was Abel's wife?

The first idea is that God did not just place Adam and Eve on the earth, that in fact God created numerous humans when the origin of man began. With this view, then Cain had plenty of women to choose from, in order to procreate and to be fruitful and increase (Gen 1:28).

The second theological idea, is that Adam and Eve were perfect (no sickness, disease, etc), and thus Cain and Abel in fact had wives who were technically their own sisters. Now, from our perspective today, we struggle to comprehend that idea, but what if the first humans were God's pristine creation? We know today, that if, for instance two cousins have a child together, there is a chance the offspring will be disabled to some degree. Though, if Adam and Eve were God's first created humans, and sin had not taken root in the world in those early days, then I could imagine that this second theological presupposition could hold true.

Who was Abel's wife, while a complex question, could very well be summed up with the above premise.

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  1. I read a piece from a geneticist a while back, which I cannot find.. which he proposed that the 2nd was quite probable/acceptable.
    He proposed that as we grow older 'as a race' that our DNA is becoming less perfect (or more corrupted by the world?) and so over time God has decreed the cousins and relatives limitation so as to lessen deformities, etc.

  2. That seems to be the most rational answer. Thanks John.


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