Wednesday, April 4, 2012

William Booth Quote

William Booth Quote: "Your days at the most cannot be very long, so use them to the best of your ability for the glory of God and the benefit of your generation." (October 4th, 1910).

This quote gives me shivers down my spine, as I consider the urgency of making my life count; now. I must persevere in developing Godly character; I must persevere in making my days count; I must persevere to live out and proclaim the message for which God has taken hold of me. That is, namely, the gospel of Jesus Christ. Wow! What a message I have been given. That through the cross of Christ, I may have forgiveness, and find hope and peace in my inner soul. That message transforms me from the inside out, and its a message I want to spend my life promoting.

Heaven forbid I spend my life playing computer games, eating fatty foods, watching mindless hours of TV and scratching myself all day long. You get the point. Our lives should be focused on the God who created us, and lived out in a way that honours the Creator.

William Booth's Quote has it right - let's spend our lives on what eternally matters. Sure, lets enjoy life, but lets make an impact on our generation, for the glory of God.

Let it be Lord. 

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