Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What a General of The Salvation Army is Like

The Salvation Army will soon elect a new General to lead this movement into the years ahead.

Well known Salvationist Geoff Ryan writes the following about what the next General needs to be like:

"We need a General with a razor-sharp intellect formed by disciplined reading and study of philosophy, theology, politics, economics, and science; a... natural leader who understands how to motivate and inspire people; a visionary who can think strategically and who understands organizational theory and the zeitgeist of post-modernity; a person rooted in the experience and understanding of the Wesleyan tradition -who knows exactly who they are and what our story is; a thinker with a deep knowledge and, .... a tough-minded but tender-hearted follower of Jesus with a burning concern for the excluded and marginalized of the world, who would be a shepherd of those sheep who have no shepherd."

Jesus, let the Holy Spirit guide the leaders of The Salvation Army in the days ahead!

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