Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Great Political Nothing

Australian eyes have been on federal politics of late, as we consider the votes we have made, the local candidates we have made MPs and the influence this may or may not have on our country. So what have we created? What has our democratic right given us? Well, following all the party politics, scare mongering and unenthusiastic political debates, we have ended up with a hung parliament. What a great democratic process; that spends millions of dollars to encourage and resource the average Australian to 'make their vote count', and yet cannot decide who should lead our country.

What's with the statement that says we need to give independents time to consider what political party they will align with? What's with that? I mean, they knew a federal election was coming and they should already have clearly thought about their stance on particular policies and whether they would lean towards Labor or Liberal. While Australia waits in limbo for a minority Australian Government to be formed, the independents and Greens candidate Adam Brandt are sipping coffees, and enjoying the new 'power' they have in federal politics. Get on with it, I say, and finish your 'talks' and show Australia who will be our next Prime Minister.

Is this a sign of how long the decisions will take under a minority Government? Everytime a particular policy is put forward, the independents will think, sip coffee, think again, have another sip, and one day make a decision on where they stand. What have we done Australia? We've created a slow, apathetic decision making Government, that will now have to weight all their policies against the political agendas of 4 or 5 politicians.       

What caused this? Was it the fact that many Australians remained undecided on who they really wanted to vote for? How many people said, 'Ahh, its really about voting in the best of the worst'? Or was it Mark Latham's pathetic cry to the public to make a donkey vote, which created the record 6% informal vote at this years election? How many simply voted Greens or Independents just because they couldn't decide whether it was Labor or Liberal's right to govern. Whatever the case may be, we are left hanging to dry, wondering if anyone will get the clothes off the line, and put the clothes back in the drawer and move on. Not for now. We're left hanging and left questioning the democratic process, and whether our vote actually made a difference. This is the Great Political Nothing.

God help us.

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  1. There is no one party that I could support without reservations. Each has their strengths and weaknesses.

    The independents are not aligned for the same reason. Why should they just jump behind one group or party and promise unequivocal support? They have been voted in BECAUSE they are independent.

    I would rather this process than electing a group/party that can bulldoze their agenda through without close scrutingy because of a majority in both houses.

    What have we done?
    We have told the major parties that they do not have our trust, and need to win it back.
    We have forced the major parties to consider the views of four (well three really if Bob Katter is in the four) thoughtful and courageous people who have stepped outside self interested and power driven party structures and risked their political careers for what they believe in.
    It is a great result for democracy, and a kick in the butt for the vapid leadership and negativity of the Labor and Liberal parties.

  2. It 'could' be a great result for democracy. Whether it IS a great result will take time to tell.

    Is there much difference from having political decisions made from one political party, or from a select few of independents? Both ways are up for abuse.

    I agree about the message this election has sent to both Labor/Liberal.


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