Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vision Casting - Our local thoughts

Finally found a document today, outlining some brainstorming and visioning we were doing early in the year for our local Salvation Army Corps. Here's some of the words we started with (in no particular order):

* Belief
* Outreach
* Active/Dynamic
* Vibrant
* Welcoming/Accepting
* Faith
* Forgiving
* Teaching
* Love
* Inclusive
* Holistic
* Spiritually hungry

Then some phrases/thoughts about our church:

* Invading the city
* LOVE of God -> Love Revolution
* Expanding our ministries
* Signing up for the cause of the Gospel
* Refuge, Fortress, Haven

Then some important people groups:

* Families
* The needy
* Prisoners
* The broken
* Migrants
* Indigenous
* General Relationships
* Sick
* Elderly
* Children/Youth
* Street people

Then we attempted to put this vision in writing... This still needs to be edited, shortened and reworked, but here's what we came up with on that hot, humid night earlier in the year:

* We aim to be a dynamic Army of Salvation, at work helping the lost & spiritually hungry to find real love, acceptance & belonging in Jesus. We see a haven for the broken-hearted, a centre of growth equipping people for mission, a place to teach families to live holistically, a light of hope for future generations, and a revolution of God's love impacting the City of Palmerston.

Throw your thoughts our way. God bless you.

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