Thursday, May 6, 2010

How can I help build up someone's faith that tried to kill himself? Response to @tlfoster56

How can I help build up someone's faith that tried to kill himself?

Thanks @tlfoster56 for your question via Twitter.

It's not the time for deep theological answers, or smart Christian cliches. The person needs a pastoral response - someone to listen to, to appreciate them, to care for them, to pray for them. They may also need to see a doctor for some medical assistance. God can lead you in this and show you the right person to talk to, and to follow the right advice.

On a spiritual level, I bind any evil spirit that may be affecting this guy in the name of Jesus, and claim the presence of Jesus in this situation. I pray for great wisdom and guidance for you @tlfoster56 as you may be supporting someone at this time.

One thing I see too often, are people supporting others, who 'take on' too much of the other person's burdens. The Bible talks about sharing one anothers burdens, I understand that, but it doesn't say to 'take someones burdens as your own'. I would encourage anyone who is supporting a suicidal friend to have a mentor to debrief with; someone to get advice from and to pray with for your own faith and spiritual/emotional journey.

I'm happy to delve deeper into discussion about this if there is a personal story you want support with. If you want to comment here or email me at



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