Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Australian 7:30 report - Salvation Army will open LAW FIRM in Sydney

The Salvation Army will open a commercial law firm in the Sydney CBD later this year which will charge market rates to do property and conveyancing law for corporate and government clients. Profits from the new firm, which will pay its lawyers proper salaries, will be funnelled back into the Salvation Army’s humanitarian work, including free legal advice for the poor and needy.

See the report here:

Did you have a good Easter? We had an amazing time on Sunday, when well over 60 different people came through the doors and engaged with the message of Jesus. There was an amazing presence of God in the morning service and 17 responded to a call to follow Jesus. Someone said they felt at peace. I love it. The Bible prophesies that Jesus is the prince of peace - so it's not suprising someone feels that way after they reached out to Jesus. Praise God.

Christendom churches --> Missional Churches. Was creating a stir on facebook recently. Out with the old and in with the new some were saying. Others are happy with clergy and traditional churches and what they represent and the history that has come from their ministry. The Salvation Army believes in the priesthood of all believers, i.e. all followers of Jesus have a responsibility to engage with the mission of God. How could we teach and live out this belief more effectively?


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