Sunday, March 7, 2010

There is always HOPE

Don't get frustrated that someone hasn't done a particular chore/ministry if you've never taught or empowered that person to do the chore/ministry in the first place!

There is always HOPE. Even when the chips are down and the walls are caving in. Whether the food in on the table or not, whether the bills are paid or not, whether there is health or sickness; there is always hope. That is my philosophy on hope. Through Jesus, there is always an opportunity for change and transformation. I do not believe that there is one individual on this planet that we merely need to 'do the journey' knowing they will never change. I have a soldier of our church who works with individuals with mental illnesses. She says that even with brain injuries, people have the ability to engage and connect with something, even if it's just a 'wave' hello. Maybe I take it to the extreme, but I would rather sit in the camp that says, 'People can have HOPE' rather than the camp that is defeatist and says, 'We don't believe this person will ever change'.
1. God heart breaks when there is injustice
2. The people of God have a responsibility to work for justice in our day to day lives.

Holiness is not an optional extra for 'committed' Christians, but rather something all believers should act upon.
The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want for... Wait, is that a new plasma on special?

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  1. That's not true. I've been to churches, including Salvo ones, and I can tell. Yep, sure can tell.

    They know a lost cause when they see one. You can sense it in their body language, the strained effort to engage in polite conversation.

    No, I've gotten the message clearly, thanks to Major Winton Knopp of the Box Hill Corps. Than you, Winton, for the disdain and the contempt you have shown towards me and my wife.

    I can turn that contempt into hate and return it to you ten-fold, if you wish, or even if you don't wish.

    Yeah, if you want to transform you life via hate and revenge, visit a Salvo corps today.


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