Friday, November 27, 2009

Between Reality and Vision

What should we call that place between reality and vision. You know what I mean. The vision is... 'We will be here... in 5 years'. Reality of life is, 'We are still struggling with the finances, we haven't as much leadership support as we had hoped, etc, etc.'

We find ourselves strugglin with the inbetween place of reality and vision. What would you call it? That frustrating place? That lonely place? That exciting place? The long journey? The neverending pilgramage?

Maybe I'll write a book on it one day. For me, it's at times a painful journey. Not because things are overly bad in reality, and not necessarily because circumstances are not exciting. But, in your heart is something better. It's like Jesus yearning for a new Jerusalem; a place where he would be Lord of the City.

The fact is, the Kingdom of God is here in our midst. Around us. Surrounding us. Where two or more are gathered in Jesus' name, Jesus is there! The Kingdom is there! The fact is though, that the Kingdom has not come in all its fullness. That's why there's still hurt and pain. That's why people can still be sick, selfish and self-centered.

I'm on that journey, from reality to the vision God has laid on my heart for my church, and for the vision he has laid on my heart for my own life. Though, I'm not there, and I find myself in reality yearning wholeheartedly for the vision to come to pass...

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