Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Do you feel inadequate?

Jesus is the great Shepherd of the Sheep (Read Hebrews 13). He leads his Sheep - metaphorically speaking. I heard recently that what is interesting about us, is that we can lead the Sheep, sure, but lets remember, we're still a Sheep ourselves! Anyway, enough about Sheep...
Do you feel adequate for the task? Does anyone? Maybe you've improved at singing, or preaching, or evangelising, or hospitality, and maybe you feel more adequate than before. Truth is though, most of us feel inadequate at times; feeling nervous to share your testimony, or feeling like people are succeeding and you're not, or wondering what is God doing with my life. Think about it though: Who did God use throughout the Bible? Mostly people who felt inadequate. Moses was a murderer, so who was he to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt? Gideon was nervous to go into battle. King David was an alduterer at one point - I'm sure he felt inadequate to continue on in ministry. The Apostle Paul understood that he was a sinner saved by grace, who previously had ordered Jews to be murdered.
You can feel inadequate at times, fine, but understand that God uses ordinary, everday, run of the mill people and does extraordinary things. Put your faith and trust in Jesus, and believe he will use you, equip you, empower you, fill you and bless you. You may always feel a little bit inadequate, but at least you'll know that God is with you.
In fact, don't pray, 'God please be with me today', pray rather, 'God, thanks that you're with me today'.

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