Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Everyday an Adventure

There's lots happening on my side of the woods, here at the Training College. We've got TACO Trivia Nights happening in Sept/Oct, raising (hopefully) heaps of money for Cadets in Third World Countries (Stay tuned).

Chris and David, officers from Tanzania, shared their stories recently at the TC, and spoke of the need to realise the power that there is in the name of Jesus, especially in a place where down the street the local witch doctor is doing business!

Do we believe that we can be sanctified (holy) this side of heaven? I mean, not merely inputed righteousness (as if we were holy...), but imparted righteousness - actually being holy! I believe it. After all, God is the one who sanctifies.

Started a microchurch (small group) at Melbourne 614 recently, and have enjoyed discussing Salvationism 101; understanding the history of The Salvation Army, and how the mission of the Army is still relevant today: Souls and Justice...

So everyday is an adventure. Ready to be lived out for the glory of the Lord. Ready to be expressed in love and service towards people, and passion and holiness before God.

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