Tuesday, August 7, 2007

When is enough, enough?

How long do you continue to pour resources into a church that won't budge, nor grow, nor change? How long do you care before you crack? How much time do you invest before the time is up? Do we continue to love and support and pamper, because we are simply a local church where 'God is love' and there is no condemnation or judgement?

These are questions I was wondering with a friend last night. If a church is unwilling to change and do what is necessary to reach the lost, be involved in mission, help the needy, etc, when is enough, enough?

Our desire is to go into all the world and make disciples. Should we close corps that are disobedient? What about closing corps that never grow, and always have the same people, week after week and never do any practical mission?

What are the effective ways of helping soldiers to see the bigger picture, to think outside the square and to reach outside the world in which they currently live?

Lots of questions at the moment... But here's my big one... Do we appoint good officers to lousy corps, or allow good officers to create new expressions of Salvation Army ministry?

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